I am a visual artist/illustrator whose current research explores drawing whilst moving through matter-flux as a design tool.  The enactive approach of this site responsive process provides the opportunity to engage and respond to place and drawing as thinking.  The hope of this data collection by perpetual movement is to create knowledge of place and space through kinetic empathy.


I have utilized my experimental reportage drawing whilst walking from Manchester to Blackpool, Liverpool and Stoke, Edinburgh to Manchester, Berlin to Poland, Helsinki to Tampere, across Transylvania and the western shore of Lake Ontario. The bulk of this work has been presented as phenomenological comic books dealing with themes of place, space and time, but also as wall drawings, murals, illustrations, animations and clothing. Many of my walks have used train lines as a guide to follow, keeping as close to them as possible without trespassing (although due to poor map reading skills and decision making this often occurs), so that the choice of where I walk is then taken out of my hands. I am then free to reflect on place and time in flux and how best to record this.

You can buy my comics at olivereast.bigcartel.com

Email: olivereast(at)hotmail(dot)com